Stop Shaming The Founding Fathers of American Heritage

What made the United States great and prosperous was the ancient principles of Natural Law from the Age of Reason. I am sick and tired of hearing people these days claim that the Founders were racist White-supremacists who only wanted a society geared for themselves. Stop it!

Most people who propagate this grotesque nonsense are extreme leftists, many of whom happen to be White. It’s those with Marxist indoctrination who virtue signal to Americans of color that White people are somehow inherently evil. They chastise their own race to receive grandiose support among the status quo of academia and Democrat votes.

I am angered when I hear such attacks on the settlers who built this nation through lots of suffering, hard work, and the fear of God. The Founders were resisting their own British Crown that was treating them like slaves in 1775, which is how the Revolution started. It gave us the ability to start over with a free republic. Though our freedom is greatly suppressed these days, it’s not a lost cause. We can restore the freedoms that our Founders made way for, with just a little passion and commitment.

American Revolution Reenactors: Continental Army chasing the British at Battle of Monmouth which occurred on June 28, 1778, New Jersey.
American Revolution Reenactors: Continental Army chasing the British at Battle of Monmouth which occurred on June 28, 1778, New Jersey.

The Context of Slavery in the 1700s

Yes, slavery was a part of life back then and the original Constitution said that slaves would be treated as “three-fifths of a man.” This was obviously immoral. Nevertheless, they were slaves in a system that was common worldwide. We must realize that although it was a flaw of ethics, it was later corrected. Those who created our constitutional republic did so with the intent that all people would live in freedom according to their natural rights without the lordship of a tyrant. Obviously after the Civil War took place followed by the Civil Rights movement in the 60s we quickly fixed this original sentiment.

We have since then abolished slavery in the United States with the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment after the Civil War in 1865. When considering the context of the Three-Fifths Compromise, it was an imperfect solution to draft the Constitution and make it law among a divided body. Slavery was a socially acceptable industry, despite the many who questioned its morality—like Thomas Jefferson.

Virtually every culture of every race in this world has owned slaves at some point. Oftentimes it was their own ethnic group whom they enslaved by their own government, other times it was done by conquering other nations through war.

Most importantly, using early Colonial Era slavery as an automatic disqualifier of early American values and ideological significance—is a stupid copout. It is equally absurd to use our early historic past as a means to claim that present day classes of people are unrepresented. So called “protected classes” get placed on pedestals and are often offered jobs, salaries, and educational opportunities instead of more qualified White candidates based solely on their skin color, sexual orientation, or gender. This is the exact OPPOSITE of Dr. Martin Luther King’s message that we should judge individuals based on merit and content of character, rather than skin color.

If a student (of any race) happens to excel in math, computer programming, engineering or biology by achieving better grades than her peers, she ought be valued more for potential career opportunities—because of merit and intelligence. She is more useful to companies who look to hire because her ability to bring greater value to the marketplace outcompetes her lower-ranking peers. However, this merit-based approach is not valued nor adhered to in much of academia. Rather, affirmative action programs seek to elevate ethnic minority solely because of their skin color, completely undermining the original anti-racist sentiment. It is the character and virtue of a person that fosters achievement and reputation—not race. Though crime and IQ statistics exist among racial groups, we should never determine placement and achievement outcomes based on anything but merit.

The Founders Enabled Today’s Liberty for All

If it wasn’t for the Founding Fathers (and multitudes of women passionate about the cause) rebelling from their own government’s tyranny to establish this nation, no ethnic minority or leftist hypocrite would have the ability to protest without fear of being thrown in jail. They live unabridged in the Land of The Free to speak their foolish things.

Though we do not enjoy liberty to the extent that we should (the US government is full of oppressive laws, wasteful spending, corrupt leaders and excessive taxation), we are still much freer than every other nation in the world. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the oldest documents on earth that still governing a nation. This is because they are ingenious. There is something spiritual or universal about them that keeps people content.

18th Century house from Colonial America with US flag.
18th Century colonial house with US flag resembling the liberty and sovereignty of American private property owners.

Racial Segregation Laws Do Not Exist Anymore

We have come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. After the Civil War America had gone through a terrible reconstruction in the South. Most tout President Lincoln as a great emancipator and savior of the Union. The truth is, he was an apprehensible tyrant.

The South wanted to secede from the Union because of unjust tariffs waged upon their agrarian production, which did not burden the North. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of Southerners were rich plantation owners who owned slaves. Many of them treated their slaves well, with dignity. Though many will mock at that statement, if you do a little research into 19th Century Southern Christian culture, you’d be blown away by the ethics.

Of course this was not the case of all Southern plantation owners. Some were abusive, just as many bosses in the workplace today are abusive and destructive to employees in other ways.

That said, once again they were ‘slaves.’ Was it right? Of course not. We must keep some perspective in this analysis. When Africans were taken from their home continent by the English for example, they were sold to them by their own African slave owners. That is correct—African slave owners of indigenous populations enslaved their own people, and sold them to the British.

The Founders were not at the conscious awakening yet to free all their slaves, of which did happen in England by 1833, not long before the American Civil War.

Within recent years, racism in the United States has risen to monstrous levels. Just about ‘everything’ can be seen as racist. That is, anything a White person does. It’s important to note that White people are shamed unjustly and unreasonably.

We are told that we are privileged and must give up are long-held traditions for the sake of stopping this alleged systemic racism. It’s complete nonsense.

United States Capitol Building in Washington DC with US flag.
United States Capitol Building in Washington DC with US flag.

Black people, Asians, Mexicans, etc. have the same rights under law as all White Americans. To say that ethnic minorities are oppressed is beyond ridiculous, which is the major theme of this article. The far left claims that White supremacy has lasted since the founding of America and that laws have not been changed to justify race relations—this is garbage because it’s false.

What on earth are they talking about? Jim Crow laws are abolished. You don’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore. Brown v. Board of Education was solved. Racial segregation laws have been killed. Martin Luther King turned the tables resulting in such change of laws in the 60s. Yet Blacks, Hispanics and others in America keep sounding the alarm that they are being oppressed, and that somehow it’s rooted in enduring White supremacy and systemic racism dating back to 1776.

There is no such thing as SYSTEMIC RACISM in 2018. The vast majority of us do not want to hold anyone back; we simply want to mind our own business and live our lives according to our own prerogatives and values. Freedom of association is a principle in the First Amendment. It is not honored much anymore within the courts, but the mission of this agency is to bring to light what is true, regardless of false doctrines and gross manipulation among lawyers and judges.

Do our values sometimes differ from those of other races? Yes. This is because we have different genes and cultural backgrounds. If you don’t think that racial differences exist in the form of behavior traits, such as delay of self-gratification, you are not a person of science.

Freedom of association is an American value rooted in the First Amendment. The ability to refuse engaging with others in business, personal relations, or ANY REASON is a human right—and others have the same right to reject us if they want. There is an equal playing field.

Mass Dumbing Down of Society Through State Propaganda

Please, am I talking to dumb sheep? Actually, yes; I think so. Not only has the IQ dropped, but the dumbing down of society is also related to the poisonous doctrines of Marxism and false American history being preached from public schools, academia, the media, and Hollywood. The unAmerican push to squash original values of freedom rooted in the founding is a CULT and a sick cancer.

Mass indoctrination of this victim mentality among ethnic minorities has led to the taring down of Confederate monuments as well as buildings that are named after our nation’s forebears. This mass shaming of American heritage now extends to the early beginnings in 1776. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the whole divine occurrence of declaring independence that birthed the nation of Liberty is hated.

Enough is enough. This is just plain ignorance, and it’s also immoral. There are college professors out there reinventing the proposition that Marxism might actually be worthy as something to reconsider.

The Social Justice Movement is Baseless and Void of Reason

When you observe the groups of Marxist, socialist or communist gatherings across America since Trump was elected, it is a pathetic display of morons on steroids. I watch fowl language coming from the chants at these demonstrations as uneducated idiots rage in temper tantrums. They won’t talk to you if you are conservative or libertarian. If they sense even a hint that you are not one of them they will call you racist and immediately disregard your engagement.

If you try to have a conversation with these people, before they dismiss you as a ‘Nazi’ or even physically assault you, they will not even know how to answer a simple question.

If you ask the average anti-Trump protester what they actually believe in, they will not know how to answer your question in detail. You cannot discuss specifics with these people because they have no inner understanding. They have been brainwashed by the leaders of their hideous movement. Therefore, they do not know what they believe in.

How do we deal with stupid adolescents who commit violence at college gatherings (like Berkeley), and claim to uphold free speech—yet want to suppress ours?

The answer is simple: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” We must be vigilant and assertive in response to their aggressive violence that threatens the ideological fabric of our nation.

Americans will continue buying into the mass indoctrination that the Founding Fathers were rich, White terrorists who only wanted slavery for the non-White person.

Freedom of Speech Exists to Protect Hate Speech

Actually, the Founders established a blessed land where even hate speech is protected; otherwise it would not be called ‘free speech.’ The very notion of free speech protects what unpopular people among as want to express. There would be no need for the First Amendment if everyone naturally got along without offending each other. Freedom of speech, therefore, protects hate speech because:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

Unless We The People (we the sane) stand up and demand the preservation of our longstanding values, they will continue to erode from the town square and schoolhouse, to the House of Representative and Supreme Court. The power is in our hands. Let’s not let America The Beautiful be destroyed.

The Constitution of the United States of America with a vintage flag.
The Constitution of the United States of America with a vintage flag.

SJWs Stand on ‘Ideological Sand’ and Are Clueless 

I have recently interacted with people of color concerning the topics of American heritage, freedom of speech, individual liberty, and the Constitution. They can never seem to get past the notion that racial suppressive laws do not exist anymore—and that they have the same rights and opportunities as the rest of us. They constantly barrage and interrupt me with accusations that I am nothing but a conditioned White Supremacist who is keeping injustice alive.

If you ask them point blank how they are in fact, oppressed in this day and age, they can never give a straight answer. They beat around the bush and bring up unrelated excuses as to why they are being subjugated.

I have asked numerous questions such as “How exactly are you being oppressed in 2018? What is your solution, and if you had authority or influence in the U.S. government, what would you do to change it?” Again, they NEVER give me a direct reply that answers the question. This is because they have no reason.

What often happens next is they will start calling me names, cussing, and using ad-hominem attacks to make themselves feel powerful. This is childish. It is very hard to actually have a reasonable conversation with these people because they have been brainwashed into believing that they are not good enough.

The Founders Advocated Equality Under Natural Law

The Founding Fathers believed in the Natural Law, as seen in their writings and letters to one another. In fact the Constitution and Bill of Rights, though a centralizing document, is rooted in the ideals of English common law.

For the entire 18th Century, which includes the 70 plus years before the American Revolution, philosophers throughout Europe promoted these natural ideas that humans were born free at birth with certain inalienable rights. The very wording of the Declaration of Independence is a refinement of the education the Framers received from their study of literature from people like John Locke, Thomas Paine, and William Blackstone.

But for the Age of Reason (The Enlightenment), George Washington and his Masonic philosophy, Benjamin Franklin and his witty ideas, Thomas Jefferson and his bottom-up approach of self-governance, etc. etc.—would not have blossomed. We would not be the free nation that we are today if it wasn’t for the thinking patterns of the Founding Fathers.

What About Women?

It is true that during our nation’s early period women were not allowed to vote. This fact gets clumped with the whole racial issue regarding the Three-Fifths Compromise. Fact is, context is everything when trying to understand history.

The Framers who wrote the Constitution, while not perfect individuals, were just following the customs and traditions of their time. Most people were fundamentalist Christians to some degree, unless of course they were secretly followers of the Masonic Order rooted in the Mystery Schools.

Even still, whether it was wrong is not the issue—because it has ‘changed’ now. Women can now vote and have the same civil rights as every other American citizen. This obviously includes every race, color and creed.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Put Everyone in Chains

There are so many laws on the books in both federal and local jurisdictions that condemn discrimination. This is ridiculous because the natural consequences of people’s actions will always come about. In other words, if a store owner decided to only serve people of a certain race, the rest of society would be outraged and that store owner would likely go out of business. It’s just the Laws of Nature—no need to make another law that further shackles us.

Racial Differences in American Culture

Why do some insist that ethnic minorities are oppressed by White supremacy, as if it hasn’t gone away since after Jim Crow laws? Such advocates claim that the original American way of life was evilly geared for the White man. It is a combination of brainwashing and ethnic differences that cause this problem.

There have been scholarly researchers shunned-out of institutions because they dared to study “science” by looking at behavioral and psychological differences between ethnic groups. The very notion that genetic variations might exist across races is simply too taboo.

What are these racial factors? Well, scientists and anthropologists who study racial IQ and crime statistics have come forth with evidence that links genetics to traits like delay of self-gratification and preponderance to commit crime.

Leftist-oriented, social justice dogma says that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is nothing but a ploy created by and for the White man. This is nonsense.

The IQ test examines traits like spacial recognition, short term memory and recall. These are common sense tests that examine whether a person can match, for instance, a geometrical shapes with steadily increasing complexity.

Yet, many social justice warriors arrogantly claim that IQ tests are designed to put ethnic minorities at a disadvantage. However, if one cannot master the universal challenges of the IQ test than how is this unjust? Everyone taking it got a fair shot?

What IQ Tests and Crime Statistics Report About Race

IQ scores among races show consistent data. Ashkenazi Jews tend to have the highest IQ, followed by Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks respectively. That’s what researchers have uncovered, but we are not allowed to have this discussion in public anymore—otherwise we are called ‘racist.’

That said, there are always exceptions among individuals. There have always been some less intelligent Whites, and exceptionally intelligent Blacks. Individuals are not the focus of this research, but ethnic populations as a whole.

The reason I mention these findings is because they relate to the cultural upheaval that boasts the claim that America was founded by rich, White land owners who only wanted freedom for themselves in a regime of White supremacy. I heard this at the last law school I attended (by a Black professor), and it was sickening.

Although America has had race and gender inequality through the past Century it does not mean it still persists. We have equal opportunity laws that are based in morality. In fact, much of these equality laws, like the Fourteenth Amendment and federal anti-discrimination laws, go too far. They go to far as to actually suppress the freewill liberty to contract. Thus as mentioned above, if people behave in such ways that are unjustly discriminatory toward a particular sector of society, the natural order of consequence will step in.

The all too common claim that Whites still oppress Americans of color is not going away. It has actually gotten stronger since Barack Obama was elected president.

Facing the Truth About Diversity and Race

We are all one human race, but we have inherent differences with tribal inclinations. That does not mean we are racist or that we hate each another. It only means that we see diversity in each ethnic culture, and thus respect it. We have natural freedom to interact across ethnicities and cultures with whomever we choose, to marry or live together as neighbors. It’s a personal choice of natural liberty.

No one should force you to think, act, or associate in ways that violate your prerogatives. Government does not have this authority because FREE WILL and NATURAL RIGHTS exist whether they recognize them or not. In a well-educated, vigilant society people rise up together against oppressive state mandates, to the point of the state being afraid of them! Neither does the state have the right to do the inverse by forcing segregation. Government has no authority to pass laws for segregation or for integration.

A free society in which all individuals have the right to choose with whom to interact, who to admit as tenants, or who to hire, is a natural right NOT to infringed by the state. Unfortunately, such freedoms have been compromised from the enacting the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Founders believed in the Natural Law which demands that all are created equal under Moral Law. Freedom to contract, private property, due process, and freedom of speech are essential tenets of a free and prosperous society. Some don’t believe in the Natural Law. Such people are known as moral relativists because they believe that people somehow have ordained authority to control others. This arrogant, atheistic fallacy leads to communism and national socialism.


We must recognize that the Founders emphasized the principle that all are created equal under Natural Law, and thus stand on morally level ground. Though not all may be physically or intellectually equal, does not mean we do not have the same opportunities to live our lives free. We can choose to come and go as we please, and to associate and disassociate with whom we choose—with consequence. The only limitations of such natural rights are the confines of universal logic and the aftermath the actions bring.

This is the beauty of freedom. It comes with consequence and responsibility, and it’s far better than being ruled over by an authoritarian body. The U.S. government is supposed to protect individual liberty. The Constitution and Bill or Rights were written NOT to rule over the people—but to restrain the government.

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